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Find Interval for Coefficients

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    For a simple linear model:
    [itex]\alpha+\beta\times x=y[/itex]

    If it is observed that [itex]y \in (-8.51,23.20) [/itex] given [itex]x=4[/itex]

    The question is to give intervals of [itex]\alpha, \beta[/itex], which satisfy [itex]y \in (-8.51,23.20) [/itex] given [itex]x=4[/itex].

    Is this problem identifiable? Can it be found the unique intervals for [itex]\alpha, \beta[/itex]?

    I am guessing this is not a well defined problem. How to improve on this?
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    α and β are connected by a linear equation. This means the you can give any value for one variable and get an interval for the other. To improve you need another relation.
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