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Homework Help: Find its signal wavelength

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    A FM radio station has a frequency of 106.5MHz. Find its signal wavelength.

    I am guessing that you would use the speed of sound in this problem correct me if I am wrong.

    So Wavelength=v/f

    Is this right?
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    No, you use the speed of a photon which is ~3.0 x 10^8. A radio station broadcasts a radio signal, not a sound signal or else you could hear it by stepping out of your car :)
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    No, not the speed of sound.
    Radio is the wireless transmission of signals, by modulation of electromagnetic waves.
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    Well that makes sense; although, it would be nice to hear the radio when you stepped out of your car. So wavelength=v/f=3.0e8/1.065e8=2.82m right??
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    Yup that is right.
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    Thanks so much!!
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