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Find Kinetic Energy

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    A 232 Th (thorium) nucleus at rest decays to a 228 Ra (radon) nucleus with the emission of an alpha particle. The total kinetic energy of the decay fragments is 6.54 x 10^-3 J. An alpha particle has 1.76% of the mass of a 228 Ra nucleus.

    a) Calculate the kinetic energy of the recoiling 228 Ra nucleus.

    b) Calculate the kinetic energy of the alpha particle.
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    Please note that we DO have a Homework help section AND a set of instructions in that section on what you must show when you are trying to work on a problem.

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    Andrew Mason

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    What is the speed of the alpha particle? What is its mass? Using conservation of momentum, what is the recoil speed of the 228 Ra nucleus?

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