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Homework Help: Find normal and friction force on a crate full with artichokes

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    Help please!
    A crate full of artichokes rests on a ramp that is inclined 10.0 degrees above the horizpntal. Give the direction of the normal force and the friction force acting on the crate in each of these situations. a) The crate is at rest. b) The crate is being pushed and is sliding up the ramp. c) the crate is being pushed and is sliding down the ramp.
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    The "Normal" force is "normal" (perpendicular) to the ramp. It's not clear from your question whether you are asked, as the second part, to find the friction force itself or only the direction of the friction force. In a, the friction force prevents the crate from moving. Since, without friction, the crate would move down the ramp, the friction force is directed parallel to the ramp, up the ramp. In b and c, where the crate is moving, the friction force is opposite to the motion, of course.
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