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Find period of pendulum

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    if if we have a string and a object with mass m connected to it , it does extend for 11 cm (string) . if we put another object with the same mass m , what will be the period of that ( of the 2 objects in the string) . please explain does mass affect the period ?
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    Hint: Can you derive the formula for the period of a simple pendulum? Draw a free body diagram of a weight on a string not quite in the vertical position. Write the equation of motion. What can you conclude from the equation you derive?
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    i cannot derive , cause we didnt learn it , in one conclusion that i made it 'is 2 times more than the first' but i do not have a idea if its true and even if its true is my equation right :S
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    wait , even if we didnt learn this part i saw that for a string the T is 2pi square root of l /square root of g , it doesnt affect,, hmm but what must i do to find the period , i only have the increased'' length of 11cm and not the actual length before that
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    Is the string elastic and stretches? I'm not sure I gather that from the problem statement.
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