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  1. How many people are living in India?
    With the help of following data can you find
    How many people were listed as living in India and give logic also ?

    The population of some countries is calculated based upon some logic and listed here ( It has no link with the facts) :-


    USA 130,000
    England 410,000
    France 340,000
    Peru 200,000
    Brazil 340,000
    Greece 300,000
    Japan 270,000
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  3. At a quick glance, it appears to have something to do with the number of letters, since:

    3 letters = 130,000
    4 letters = 200,000
    5 letters = 270,000
    6 letters = 300,000 or 340,000
    7 letters = 410,000

    And there's something also with increments of 70,000, since the differences between nations are always in increments of 70,000 with the exception of Greece. Greece is the only one with 3 vowels instead of 2, but otherwise I see nothing particularly interesting about it.



  4. Well Analysed and tried! Please give answer also.
  5. 340,000?
  6. Not correct
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  8. Correct.

  9. so how do you arrive at this number ?
  10. Let Mr Ygggdrasil explain.
    Otherwise I shall explain.
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    The price is (xc + yv) where c is the number of consonants in the word, x is the price per consonant, v is the number of vowels in the word, and y is the price per vowel. x and y can be easily determined from the given data.
  12. Right
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