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Homework Help: Find Req?

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    There's no qeustion.
    I'm supposed to find req.

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    joshuaphysics, Welcome to Physics Forums!

    Is this a homework assignment? If yes, please check our forum rules, which describe for you the correct place to put homework problems.

    What efforts have you already tried? If there is no questiion, what's the purpose of posting the diagrams? What does "req" mean?
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    You need to look up the formulae for resistors in series and parallel.

    try here :

    Req is the single resistor that is equivalent to the combination of the resistors in the diagram
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    Welcome to PhysicsForums!

    As Bobbywhy says, this works better in the Homework section, and you need to give us something to work with as well.

    In this context, you're being asked to reduce the three resistors (in series and parallel) to a single equivalent resistance as measured at the terminals (the circular connection points on the left hand side of the circuit). Have you learned about series and parallel resistors yet?

    While you may not quite understand the reasoning for doing these, this abstracting is a fundamental concept in circuit analysis and design: that you can replace complex parts with more simplified "black boxes" with known behaviour.

    As Jerry Maguire says, help us help you!
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    vk6kro, Duh, now I get it...R equivalent! Thanks, I needed a "headslap" to remind me!
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