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Homework Help: Find Tension of rope

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    A mountain climber, in the process of crossing between two cliffs by a rope, pauses to rest. She weighs 695 N. As the drawing shows, (The angle at left is 65) she is closer to the left cliff than to the right cliff (Angle to the right is 80), with the result that the tensions in the left and right sides of the rope are not the same. Find the tensions in the rope to the left and to the right of the mountain climber.

    I tried Wsin65+WSin80+W=0 and worked my way out from there, it came out wrong.
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    As which drawing shows? :)
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    Hmmm...i attached the image. I hope you can see it, & help me if its possible.

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    I've drawn you a picture. Try now.


    Note that i just named them the same, but F_rope is different for each rope.

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