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Homework Help: Find the air pressure

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    the efficiency of turbofan engines of commercial airplanes depend on air pressure and usually is maximum near about 10973 m, above mean sea level. Find the air pressure y(x) at this height given the rate of change y'(x) is proportional to the pressure, and at 5486 m the pressure has decrease to half its value y0 at mean sea level.

    note: please solve my problem please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Only you can solve this problem. If you show some work, you might get some comments about whether it is correct.
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    The words in bold imply that

    dp/dz = kp, where k is a constant, p is the pressure, and z is the altitude
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    This thread is closed. zetshield21 -- check your PMs. You may only repost if you follow the Homework Help Template and rules.

    And guys, when you see somebody post like this with zero effort shown, please click the Report button on the OP's post to have a Mentor deal with it. Thanks.
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