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Find the area bounded by y^2=x and y=x=2

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    How do I do this problem below? Plz guide me step by step or a least show me the correct bounds so I can learn...thanks
    ***Find the area bounded by y^2=x and y=x=2
    Thanks so much
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    You could always find the are enclosed by the second equation, then you could find the area between the first eqn and the x axis, then you could subract the second area from the first.
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    First rule: check the problem carefully- doubt that the question actually says "y= x= 2". It might well be y= x-2 or y-x= 2 which are very different.

    Second rule: draw a picture. y2= x is a parabola (with x-axis as axis),
    y= x- 2, which can be written as x= y+2, is a line which crosses the parabola when
    x= y2= y+ 2: solve the equation y2- y- 2= 0.
    (or, if you mean y-x= 2, x= y-2 so x= y2= y- 2.)
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