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Find the area of the original parallelogram

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    A Parallelogram has a base lenght of 12cm. In order to increse teh area of teh paralleogram by 54cm(squared), the lenght of the base is increased by 2cm and the height is incresed by 3cm . Find the area of the original parallelogram.

    The solution requires me to use fully defined variables, formula(s), all steps shown using good math form and concluding statements with appropriate units .

    Any help is greatly appreaciated ... PLMK what ui can do to help me ...
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    1. What in the world does this have to do with "linear and abstract algebra"?

    2. Looks to me like homework and really should be in the homework section.

    3. Let "h" be the original height. Since the original base length is 12 cm, the area of the orginal parallelogram, the question asked, is 12h. You just need to find h. After the height is increased by 3 cm. and the base length is increased by 2 cm, the new height is h+ 3 and the new base length is 14 cm so the new area is 14(h+3) and that must equal 54 cm2. Solve that equation for h and then calculate 12h.
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