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Find the asymptotes of f(x)= x/square root(4x-1)

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    Well Im 1 review question away from completing my calculus independent learning course WOOO! But I am stuck... can some one PLEASE HELP

    Find the asymptotes of f(x)= x/square root(4x-1)
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    What is an asymptote?
    (I know; but show that you have thought a bit upon the problem)
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    sorry, i showed my work now.

    Sorry I know what an asymptote is, i just didnt want to type it all out sorry I guess i should have..
    I know a vertical asymptote is a vertical line on the graph that the function comes closer and closer to but never touched, and horizontal is the same thing but a horizontal line.

    I know for vertical asymptotes if its written in the form y=f(x) you can make the denominator =0 and figure it out from there.. and I understand doing that however not really witha square root???? Would it just be 4x-1=0, x=1/4??? and thats the vertical asymptote, or does the square root play more in that????

    For horizontal asymptotes, i know you make it so
    lim x/sqare root(4x-1)
    Then you divide all parts by the highest power of x. so i know x/x is 1 so it would be 1/square root(4x-1) This im not sure about now.. how do i divide square root (4x-1) by x??? does the square root matter or would it be 4x/x-1/x which is 1/4-0, which is 1/4 as the horizonatl asymptote???

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    you are thinking right i guess....
    For horizontal asymptote it will be y=0and for vertical it will be x=1/4 as per definitions
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