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Homework Help: Find the centripetal acceleration of the yoyo

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    hey evr1.....i have been trying to do this quest....but somehow cant get it....any help is really appreciated..thnx

    a child swings a yoyo of weight mg in a horizontal circle such tht the cord makes an angle of 30 with the vertical. find the centripetal acceleration of the yoyo. (g=10m/s/s)?

    it wuld be gr8 if sum1 showd the steps to this problem
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    Since the yoyo is in constant motion (no acceleration), then the horizontal part of the ropes tension (T*sin(angle)) equals the centripetal force. with the force you can find the acceleration (2 law). You also know that the vertical part of the tension (T*cos(angle)) equals the downward force of gravity (mg). Use that to find the tension, and use the tension to find the centripetal force and acceleration.
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    hey..thnx a lot....u saved ma life..thnx
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