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Find the discontinuity

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    How can i find the discontinuitys of [tex] \frac{3x+1}{\ x^2+7x-2}[/tex] without a calculator?

    This is an even numbered homework question to which the teacher says he wont help us and there is no answer in the book, plus we are not allowed to use calculators.
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    hows your history? i believe this problem was solved by the arabs many hundreds of years ago.

    hint: you may have to use a square root symbol.
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    Think of when a fraction is left undefined.
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    My history with math is I am very bad at it.

    edit- OK I think I just have to use the quadratic formula by hand instead of on a calc so i get exact answers. wow im stupid :rofl:

    Thx for the help guys.
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    :rofl: nice one mathwonk, i'll save this one for next time :devil:
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