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Homework Help: Find the final volume

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    Two ideal gas (n mole A and m mole B) was separated by a piston (impermeable and diathermal) the whole setup is confine in a adiabatic walls so no heat exchange with outside. Let the piston move, at equilibrium, find the final volume. Assume the final temperature of both gas is T and the total volume is V.

    2. The attempt at a solution
    First of all, both gas satisfy ideal gas state equation

    \frac{P_AV_A}{T_A} = nR, \qquad \qquad \frac{P_BV_B}{T_B} = mR

    Since we know the final temperature, and at equilibrium, the pressure is the same on both compartment (otherwise, the piston will move), so assuming the final volume of A is [tex]V_A[/tex], then the final volume of B will be [tex]V-V_B[/tex], we conclude that

    \frac{P}{T} = nRV_A = \frac{P}{T} = mR(V-V_A)

    We can solve for [tex]V_A[/tex] and [tex]V_B[/tex], right?
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    Your setup looks correct, except for a mathematical error...
    If [itex]\frac{P V}{T} = n R[/itex], then [itex]\frac{P}{T} = \cdots [/itex] ?

    By the way, once you have found the answer, it'll be nice trying to explain its physical meaning and saying something about whether you could have foreseen the outcome.
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    Oh, careless. Thanks
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