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Find the Forces for a grounded spring for which mass is hanged from the upper end

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    Dear experts,

    This is regarding the Spring forces.

    A Spring with spring constant 'k' is grounded on the lower end. A weight of 'm1' grams is hanged down from its upper end towards down using a thread lenght L.

    (Q1) Here I would like to know the formula to calculate force acting down toward, due to the hanging weigh.

    And at this moment a freely falling body of mass 'm2' is falling on the spring from height H with the help of guiders (to make sure it falls ont the spring).

    (Q2) Here I would like to know the formula to calculate the corce acting on the mass 'm2' which will be oppsite to gravity

    I am a non mechinical guys, for give me incase of any mistakes :)

    Thanks in advance!!


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    Welcome to PF!

    Hi PtrElectron! Welcome to PF! :smile:

    Start by telling us what formulas you know about springs (including energy).

    (on this forum, you have to do the work! :wink:)
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