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Homework Help: Find the forces in the System

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    Hi there, I've been finding it difficult to understand how to find the forces asked for in the above. Please, if possible, try and explain how to do this. Thanks.

    P.S. Please try to keep it simple for me. :D
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    Resolve F1 and F2 into horizontal (x) and vertical (y) components.

    F1y+F2y = 100 kN

    F1x+F2x = 0 the horizontal components cancel.

    use the appropriate sin and cos of the angles.
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    I appreciate your reply, but could I ask that you write out how to do the sum and maybe explain why it is done this way? My physics teacher isn't from my country, so it can be very difficult to follow the things he is trying to teach my class.

    Thank you. :)
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    ok, so what you could do 1st, is draw an appropriate diagram. So what I hve got are 2 right triangles, the hypotuneses are the tensions. Theta 1 is the angle in the 1st triangle, (beween the horizontal and the hypotunese, and similarly theta 2 is the 2 angle. The other 2 sides of the triangles can be resolved into components of T1 and T2. Follow Astronuc's instructions, and that should give you the answer!
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    Ok, Thanks. Appreciate your help you two. :D
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