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Homework Help: Find the frequency of a voltage generator

  1. Nov 3, 2004 #1
    What am i doing wron guys???

    "The output of a generator is given by:

    V = (Vmax)sin(wt) ----> where "w" is omega

    If after .0137 seconds, the output is .25 times Vmax, what is the largest possible angular velocity "w" of the generator?

    What is the next time (value of "t") for which the output is .25 times Vmax?"


    now this problem seemed pretty straight forward to me. in order to calculate angular velocity "w" we need to know the period of the sine wave, which would be from Vmax to the next Vmax peak. since after .0137 secs it is 1/4 of Vmax... i figured it would take 16 of this .0137 chunks to equal the period. and then w is just 2*pi/period. this is incorrec though.

    what am i doing wrong? is there a different place i should be starting from on the sine wave?
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