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Find the general solution?

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    Find the general solution of x'=(2, 3, -1, -2)x+(e^t, t). (this is 2x2 matrix, 2 and 3 on the left, -1 and -2 on the right. and e^t on top, t on bottom. I know that the answer for 2x2 matrix is c1*(1, 1)e^t+c2*(1, 3)e^-t but I don't know how to get the other part.)
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    Your question is unclear. Please use LaTeX. The sample command for a matrix might be ##\text{\begin{bmatrix} \alpha & \beta \\ \gamma & \delta\end{bmatrix}}##, which gives ##\begin{bmatrix} \alpha & \beta \\ \gamma & \delta\end{bmatrix}##.

    Also, this probably should be moved to the homework section.
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