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Homework Help: Find the inductance and a current of a coil

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    Hi everybody, i have got a question,any help will be much appreciated

    A ferrite ring core has a slot cut in it such that the plane of the slot contains the axis of the toroid. It is wound with 26 turns.

    i have attached the picture of the this problem.

    Relative permeability = 680
    Bsat = 0.38T

    Ignoring leakage and fringing:

    What is the inductance of the coil?

    At what current does the ferrite saturate

    the equation i'm using is N^2/((lair/MoMr*Aair)+(l iron/MoMr*Airon))

    l air is 0.0003m
    Aair = Airon= 1.22518E-3 i calculated this one
    i'm not sure for liron shoud i use 0.0039*pi and substruct from lair. but still i dont get the right answer.

    the right answer should be is L=0.000139 H and I=5.5796 A

    for the current still don't get the answer right. i'm using B/MoMr=H and then H=NI/2Pi*r

    please.any help will be much appreciated.

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