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Find the limit of this function

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    Hello there

    Find the lim of this function using Algebra alone and without using
    Newton Method or L'Hapital Rule, only Algebraic manipulation is allowed.

    I have previously posted this lim but no one did solve it algebriaclly, I solved it using
    Algebra and uploaded the solution.

    Lim [tex]\frac{^3\sqrt{x}- 4}{\sqrt{x}- 8}[/tex]
    X ---> 64

    The solution
    http://img3.freeimagehosting.net/image.php?ae06b74212.jpg [Broken]
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    Thanks for the update, although I must have missed the original post. It is quite obvious to me that you would want to factor using the difference of two squares/cubes rule as you have 4 (a perfect square) and 8 (a perfect cube). The only thing that might make one hesitate is that instead of using x^2 and x^3 for the numerator and denominator respectively they use x^(1/3) and x(1/2).
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    That's impressive! Of course, using L'Hopital's rule (which, I notice, you are not allowed to do) would make it fairly simple.
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