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Homework Help: Find the maximum height of the ball after the collision

  1. Nov 22, 2009 #1
    A 0.300kg baseball has a velocity of magnitude 12.0m/s and angle 35 degrees. The ball collides with the bat with a velocity of 10m/s with a collision of 2.00millmeters/second.

    (a) What are the magnitude and directions (relative to the positive direction of the x axis) of the impulse on the ball from the bat?

    (b)What are the magnitude and direction of the average force on the ball from the bat?

    (c) Find the maximum height of the ball after the collision.

    I attempted the impulse which equals (delta)mvball/ (delta)mvbat = (0.300*12) / (2*10)
    which equals 0.18,
    but I am confused to how i would find the average force and maximum height.
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