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Find the size of volcano

  1. Jun 28, 2005 #1
    find the size of volcano !!!

    well suppose that there was a volcano "frustum of cone shape" caved from inside "the cave funnel is cylindric shape"

    r1 :- is the radius of base of the fustum = 50 m
    r2 :- is the radius of top of the frustum = 25 m
    r3 :- is the radius of funnel "cylinder" = 10 m
    h :- is the height for both of frustum and cylinder = 100 m

    find the volcano volume :biggrin:

    remember :- the volcano is frustum caved by cylindric shape "i mean in this question"
    also :the cylinder is inside frustum

    i dont think it is really difficult
    good luck mathematica

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