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Find the speed of the box moving up the plane 3 sec later.

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There are 2 question but the 2nd question solution is derive from the 1st question.

1. A box is sliding down a plane inclined at an angle of 20 degrees from the horizontal. Find the acceleration of the box, neglecting friction and air resistance.

2. A box that is hurled up the inclined plane starts up the plane with an initial velocity of 1000 cm/sec. Find the speed of the box moving up the plane 3 sec later.
Is this homework? Firstly, this is in the wrong place. Secondly, if you want help you need to show some effort. People aren't gonna do your work for you.
I would suggest u draw the vector diagram if u r confused with the question.
1) Draw the free body diagram of the box. Take components of forces along the slope , the forces in downward direction - the forces up the slop = ma , calculate 'a'

2)Usie Kinematics equations .

you can do it this way

Fx = mgsin@ = MAx

Fy = n - mgcos@ = 0

Ax = g sin@

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