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Find the thickness of Aluminium Foil

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    This question comes from my Grade 11 Univ. Physics Teacher.

    Problem: To as many significant figures as you can justify, determine the thickness of the aluminium foil.

    1. Purpose
    2. Procedure
    3. Calculations (Significant Figures)
    4. Conclucion

    Now I know that the density of Aluminium is 2.7g/cm^3.

    And I also know that the formula for cm^3 is Length X Width X Thickness.

    So if i find the mass, multiply it by the density, and divide it by the length and the width, will I come out with the thickness?

    He said there are many ways to do this and this is the only one I could come up with so any input or help would be much appreciated.


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    Fold some foil over and measure with a micrometre and divide by number of folds
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    I am not a physicist but the answer seems to be yes.

    As a check-up, you can submerge it in water and measure displacement. Then work backwards from volume to thickness.

    If you perform both methods, then you can have a range (low estimate and high estimate).
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    This was my first idea, but then he said there are many other ways so I was hoping to think of something to do that others would not.
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    Measure the foil length and width and then place it into a full measuring cylinder and collect the displaced water. You now have the volume of foil, the length and width and so can find thickness
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    density=mass/volume, so volume = mass/density, not density*mass. :smile: Though you'll need a very accurate scale or a sizeable amount of foil to measure the mass accurately.
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    Well I just measured the foil and I came out with 2.7 grams.

    Here is what I have so far:

    Lenth: 30cm
    Width: 21cm
    Mass: 2.7g
    Density: 2.7g/cm^3.

    Am I missing any vital information?

    Im sorry to ask for help with it comes to the forumla and such, but I'm really stuck on this one, been working on it for 2 days :P

    I was told that you calculate the Area, (Length*Width*Height), then multiply together the Mass and the Density.

    Ahh, I'm so confussled :(

    *I got it. Thanks to all that helped, much appreciated :)*
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