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Find the third harmonic (Sound Physics) (Solved)

  1. Feb 28, 2016 #1
    Question: The frequencies of the first three harmonics of a 300 Hz square wave are 300 Hz, 900 Hz, and 1500 Hz. If the amplitude of the fundamental is 1.00 A, then the amplitudes of the second harmonic is _____ A, and the amplitude of the third harmonic is _____ A.

    I found the answer to the second harmonic, by using the formula: An = 2/(pi*n). I did 2/(pi*2) and got 0.3183.

    For the third harmonic I tried doing 2/(pi*3), which got me 0.2122, but that does not seem to be the answer.
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    Update: The answer was correct, just not rounded properly.
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