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Find the value for p<0?

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    Please, can anyone help me here with this problem??

    Q) Determine for what values of

    element p is a member of set R, int[exp(px)]dx ; where
    upper lim=infinity , lower lim=0

    converges and find its value in those cases?

    so far:

    I got the anti-derivative of the integrand is exp(px)/p.

    For the integral to exist, you must have p<0, in which case the
    value is -1/p.

    The integrand increases without bound for p>0, and for p=0, it is constant, again leading to an unbounded result for the value.

    This is where I'm lost, how do you find the value for p<0?

    Can anyone verify what I have done and help me solve this problem.

    Thanks for your help.
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