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Homework Help: Find the Velocity of car A before the collision?

  1. May 22, 2005 #1
    Bumper cars A and B each have a mass of 100 kg. Bumper car A collides ealstically with bumper car B, which is at rest. After the Collision, the velocity of car A is 0.8 m/s 30degress north of east and car B is 0.6 m/s 60degrees south of east.

    1 Find the Velocity of car A before the collision?
    2. How would the problem change in the collision were inelastic?

    can sum1 please tell me where to even begin here, im completely lost.
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    Hi, theemassive1! Welcome to PF. Please note that there is a sub-forum especially for homework help. See https://www.physicsforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=35 [Broken] . (But don'r repost there, the moderators will move your thread if they feel the need.)

    What you've got here is a conservation of momentum problem. The core equation is

    [tex]\sum_{k=A}^B \vec{p}_k^{initial} = \sum_{k=A}^B \vec{p}_k^{final}[/tex]

    where the [itex]\vec{p}_k^{initial}[/itex] are the momentum vectors of the bumber cars right before the collision, and the [itex]\vec{p}_k^{final}[/itex] are the momentum vectors of the bumber cars right after the collision. So after you've set up this equation and chosen a practical coordinate system (the standart is to take the y axis pointing south), the physics is over and all that remains to do is sort out the math: you know how to add vectors and you know that vectors are equal iff their components are equal. So solve for the unknowns: the x and y components of the velocity of A before collision.
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    ok, i got it now, thanks alot
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