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Homework Help: Find the volume bounded by two curves

  1. Feb 4, 2006 #1
    I have this problem bothering me. I am asked to find the volume bounded by two curves, when they were rotated about the y axis. I did it as usual.

    Functions are y1 = cosx +1

    [tex] y_2 = 2(\frac{x - \pi}{\pi}) ^2[/itex]

    The way I did the problem is to find the volume of revolution of y1 and y2 first and then subtracting one from the other.

    Plot is shown in the attachment. I keep getting that the volume created by y2, V2>V1.

    which is not possible according to the graph.

    I have done and checked this problem hundred times now and can not figure where I am going wrong. Please help..............:cry: :cry:

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