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Homework Help: Find the volume

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    You have a mistake on the next-to-last line. You have evaluated your antiderivative in the wrong order. Inside the parentheses you should have ln(sin(##\pi/2##)) - ln(sin(##\pi/6##)).

    Also, the differential -- dx or du -- should appear in every step until you actually get the antiderivative.

    When you make your substitution, that's when you should either change your limits of integration or at least make a note that the limits are values of x, not u. Here's what I mean:

    $$ \pi \int_{x = \pi/6}^{\pi/2} \frac{du}{u}$$

    By including "x = ..." in one of the limits of integration, that reminds you not to use them directly in the antiderivative that you get.
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    which line I got mistake is last line or what ?
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    I said which line in my last post.
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    I pointed out this same omission in your previous thread.
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    Is the final answer is = 2.17 ?
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    Is the final answer will be = 2.17 ?

    anyone help ?
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    If you round to 2 decimal places, the answer is 2.18.
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