Find the x Coordinate of the Center of Mass of 3 Chocolate Blocks

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Homework Statement

Three odd-shaped blocks of chocolate have the following masses and center-of-mass coordinates:
(1) 0.310 kg, ( 0.200 m, 0.310 m);
(2) 0.410 kg, ( 0.110 m, -0.380 m);
(3) 0.200 kg, ( -0.280 m, 0.610 m).

Find the x coordinate of the center of mass of the system of three chocolate blocks.

The Attempt at a Solution

This is how I commenced,

I took (mass1*x1+mass2*x2+mass3*x3)/(m1+m2+m3) and got .051

this should be right but I got it wrong. I then redid the calculation and this time I got .05
not that much difference, I only got one try left, and don't think this is right because they are so close together.

I did the y the same way and got it right. :S

Please and thank you.
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Well, then you have put in the wrong numbers somewhere (I assume that even though you have written m3*x2, that should read m3*x3)
It is impossible for us to know how you clicked about on your calculator.

You should, at least, calculate the following:
which ought to be about what you've found already..
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for some reason, either my calculator is wack, for the numerator I keep on getting

.062+.0451-.056 = .0511

for the denominator I get .92

.0511/.92 = .055543478


edit: I tried it on windows, and I get .0511 too. :O
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for your x i got .055543. try that and see if it works. I did it how you had it up there and that is what I got. I did this on my homework yesterday and got it right so it should be right. :)
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yep, it's right thanks. I it just as it showed in the calculator this time without any rounding. :)

thank you princessfrost and arildno for your help.

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