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Homework Help: Find volume of object if cross-sections are known

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    The base of a certain solid is an equilateral triangle with altitude 14. Cross-sections perpendicular to the altitude are semicircles. Find the volume of the solid, using the formula [tex]V= \int_a^{b} A(x)dx[/tex]

    applied to the picture shown attached to this post (click for a better view), with the left vertex of the triangle at the origin and the given altitude along the -axis.

    i figure a= 0 and b = 14 and i will be plugging it into the formula pi*r^2 right?

    the problem i'm having is finding the cross-section. can someone lend me a hand?

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    You'll be integrating from x=0 to x=14 right?

    First, find the length of one side of the equilateral, let's call it 2R.

    It's clear at x=0, the radius is zero and at x=14 the radius is R, and the radius varies linearly with x. So set up an equation for the radius in terms of x.
    then you can find A(x) and integrate.
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    Think of a volume of revolution formed by a general line y = mx. What sort of shape does this yield and how is it related to the shape you are given?

    Thinking about this will also provide a good check as to whether your answer is correct as there is a nice formula for its volume.
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