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Homework Help: Find x(t) from a x(-2t+1)

  1. Sep 4, 2012 #1
    here is the x(-2t+1). i want to know how can find the x(t) diagram from this picture?
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    Take t=1 for example: You know that 1=x(-2*1+1)=x(-1).
    Does that help?
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    Hi baby_1, try taking it in baby steps :wink: One simple transformation at a time.

    - See if you can deduce what x(-2t) would be. Hint x(-2t+1) = x(-2(t-0.5)).

    - From there you can probably figure out x(2t).

    - From there you can try to deduce what x(t) will look like.
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    Dear mfb
    Thanks it helps me to solve many problems
    here is the answer
    i want to know the step to extarct x(t) from the scaled and shifted function x(-2t+1)

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    Thank you very much uart it solved fine.(sorry for basic question :) )
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