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Find x

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    how can u solve this equation (3^x)-(3^-x)=4...hehe:P
    please i really need it fast..TT
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    "please i really need it fast."

    That's not how it works - you need to show some of your first tries, or explain what you've done that hasn't worked. At that time you may receive hints.
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    Hmm.. to get you started, multiply everything by 3^(x).. from there everything is bright and clear.
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    then take a substitution of the form [tex] t=3^x[/tex] so u'll get a quadratic eq.
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    once you get you solve the quadratic, don't forget to substitute 3x=t back again :smile:
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    Guys we've helped enough now let the OP do the math.
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    damn!!you people are damn good!:P i tried many times but nothing happens..THX GUYS:)
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