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Find Yp for an especial ODE

  1. May 5, 2007 #1
    Edit: SOLVED!
    Please help me find Yparticular for this ODE:

    m^2-3*m-10=0 -> Yh = c1*exp(-5x)+c2*exp(2x)
    Yp = ?

    Thank you!
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    This was a question in my midterm exam which I coudn't figure out. My midterm is over now! I just want to find the answer :confused:
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    Aww you changed it to exp(x)
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    sorry! I mistyped.. in case of exp(1), it was very easy! Yh=-exp(1)/10
    exp(x) makes it really hard for me! I can't use Guessing mehtod or even Wronskian!
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    true true :biggrin:

    see what happens when you are a year out of college you forget basic stuff :frown:
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    It was very easy! I got it.
    Guessing Method:
    Yp= k*exp(x) ---> Yp=-exp(x)/12
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