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Finding a job as engineer

  1. Nov 17, 2007 #1
    So I just graduated as chemical engineer. I'm in Belgium, chinese, 65%, Leuven university in 5 years.

    I'm thinking to go process engineering in a chemical plant, but have also tried to get into banks like Fortis, ING. I have tried pharmaceuticals, refinery, food industry. But I've been doing interviews for 4 months already and still can't get a contract. I always get to hear that they search people with more expertise and better communication skills.

    Any coaching advice or little stories are very much appreciated. How long does it take for a normal starter engineer to get a job? Should I just settle with an interim job as worker in a factory? The problem here is that when you work, you can't do interviews...

    PS: It's frightening that you have to become a leader of several operators in shift who are all older than yourself.
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