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LaTeX Finding a latex editor

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    I am using ubuntu, and downloaded "Gummi" latex editor to make latex papers. However, even though it is nice and easy to use, I need it to show Greek characters as well. And I'm not talking about the latex symbols like \lambda , but I need to be able to write sentences in Greek but unfortunately it's not showing them, and nowhere in the settings did I find something that indicates I can change that...

    Because of that I'd be grateful if someone of you knows a fix, or another latex editor that will let you type in foreign languages.
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    Ben Niehoff

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    I think Unicode support in Latex is more complicated than just, e.g., typing in Greek. I seem to recall there are certain packages you need to include. This has to do with the way the Tex engine works. You should Google it to learn how to get it set up correctly.

    As for editors, I just stick with TexWorks. It's pretty basic, but it works for me. I turn on syntax highlighting and line numbers.
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    Yes, I found out that you need to put these in


    But it still doesn't work...
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    This might help: http://www.eelvex.net/latex/greek-in-latex/

    The only option I have used is the first one, where you enter the Greek text as transliterated Latin characters (a for alpha, w for omega, etc). That should work with any editor. Personally I don't use a special purpose "latex editor" but an editor designed for programming, set up so one keystroke will run the file I'm editing through latex and display the PDF.

    If you want to enter the Greek text with a Greek computer keyboard and see Greek characters while you are editing the input, the link tells you how to do that, but I've never used that option (my first language is English not Greek!)
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    The best latex IDE out there for linux is tex-maker I think.. Have you used it already but crossed it out, for some reason?
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