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Finding a mechanical torque as a funct. of time

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    Hi all,
    I am a bit stuck here... trying to find a mechanical torque for a square current carrying loop wire (basic generator), rotates counter clockwise around Z axis in a magnetic field B (1T). Angular velocity w =dθ/dt = 200 rpm, R is 0.2 ohm, length is 0.2.m
    Need to come up with the mechanical torque as a func of time...

    from here I converted the 200 rpms in rad/sec.
    So now i need to find voltage induced which is -(d/dt)*(B*Area(sin wt) for t=0
    from here the current i would be V(ind)/R

    so the mechan. torque τ is ?.. Area * current * magn field (sin w*t) ?
    I am not sure...
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