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Finding a new job?

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    I have a question that has me somewhat concerned. Let's say I am an engineer with a master’s degree and I get fired, or the company has to lay off people, whatever reason...I am suddenly out of a job.

    It's gotta be pretty damn hard to find another job, no? I would think it to be easier if you are a senior engineer because you have more experience. If you do something specific, chances are going to be slim to finding lots of companies that want you for that same area of work.

    Loosing your job just scares the crap out of me sometimes.....not now, because I live at home...but if I had a wife and kids......yikes...:surprised
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    Depends on the market. If the market is good, you'll get a job even if you barely know which way to hold a computer mouse.

    - Warren
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    I think you would be ok, becuase EE/CE is big. ME, on the other hand, I feel is VERY specific....a little too specific sometimes.

    That's why I am trying to learn more about EE/CE whenever I can.....

    If someone asked me 'would I recomend becoming an ME', I would say EE with CE minor.

    I'd do EE/CE if I could start over. That's not to say I dont love ME....It just feels limiting.
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    You're mistaking. An ME degree is the most versatile degree you can have....more versatile than EE...at least it is in the detroit metro area. This is coming from an EE student.
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