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Finding a point in a plane.

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    Consider a general point in a plane $${(x, y, z)}$$ and a specific point $${(x_0, y_0, z_0)}$$. The vector

    $${(x - x_0)\tmmathbf{i}+ (y - y_0)\tmmathbf{j}+ (z - z_0)\tmmathbf{k}}$$

    is parallel to the plane.

    Consider the plane $${{(x, y, z,) |y = z}}$$. One point that lies in the plane is the point $${(1, 1, 1)}$$. Find a second point in the plane and the vector that connects them.

    So are the below answers correct?

    Second point (2,2,2)
    Vector= i+j+k
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    The text is messed up. The line after "The vector" is garbled. "(x−x 0 )\tmmathbfi+(y−y 0 )\tmmathbfj+(z−z 0 )\tmmathbfk"

    Also "(x,y,z,)|y=z" is an unusual terminology - what does it mean?
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    He just meant i hat, j hat, and k hat. ##\hat{i}, \ \hat{j}, \ \hat{k}##
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    Thanks for the clarification scurty. Now as for
    Also "(x,y,z,)|y=z" is an unusual terminology - what does it mean?

    Well honestly I don't know my self but I'm supposing it means any point where y is equal to z.
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