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Finding a previous post?

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    I posted a question in the astrophysics forum a couple days ago entitled something like "sub dwarfs." Unfortunately, I'm not very familiar with these forums and didn't reallize that if you scroll down from the main page there are forums for asking questions (I was looking for who coined the term). I assume my thread was moved into a more appropriate forum, but I can't seem to find it any of them. Any help? Can I do an search in all forums?
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    click on the members tab at the top of the page, find your name in the list, click on search, all of your posts will be listed. Just before I posted this it showed that you had 3 posts, 2 in Theoritical Physics.
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    In your posting herein, click on the "search" button, bottom left (sorta) of your posting, that takes you to a listing of all of your postings.
    Or use your "User control panel" top, on the right, button on the very left, says "User CP", select to see your posts "From the beginning" on the bottom right of the "subscribed threads" listing.
    .........And, have Fun!
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    Nifty, a couple of months here and I never noticed the search feature. In fact I was thinking of suggesting something like this. Display of ignorance narrowly averted! (except for the fact that I just admitted it.. er ah..)

    Anyway, it doesn't seem to quite work for me. The initial page listing the 25 most recent posts works fine, but when I try to move to a listing of older posts, it only takes me back to the original list of 25 most recent posts, except now it says "listing posts 1 to 0." Any help here?
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