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Finding actual price

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    An 8 lbs. roast beef cost $2.79/lb. The edible portion is 65%. What is the actual price of the roast.?

    This is what i did

    1lb cost $2.79, so 8lbs cost $22.32. Am i correct, this will be the actual price right. What do i need to do with 65%. Please help.
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    find the cost that you paid for the roast beef, and find how much of that 8lb roast beef was edible.
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    Please do not do multiple posts of a problem.
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    I didn't do multiple posts of any problems. I am not aware of it. Please let me know where did i do multiple posts.
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    Thanks, am comming up with actual price of $22.32. Am i correct,plz let me know, thanks.
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    well, the amount of edible roast beef is 0.65 * 8 lb

    so then you would take the price you paid and divide it by the amount that's edible to find the cost per pound. your answer isnt exactly correct
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