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Finding an REU/Internship

  1. Dec 18, 2008 #1
    I'm a Sophomore at a Pennsylvania state university and my GPA is around a 3.4. I was hoping to get some kind of research opportunity over the summer. I've been looking for REU's using the NSF's list on their website and a website called compadre.com. However, these are pretty competitive, and GPA isn't that great. Am I just psyching myself out, or is it unlikely that I can get a position at one of those places? How else can I find a research opportunity over the summer?
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    It's free to apply so just give it your best shot.
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    Have you done any research at your university? I did an internship at a neighboring university after my freshman year, and as a consequence got into half the REU programs I applied for the next summer. They really like it if you've already had some experience. You can apply for a bunch of REUs, but also ask around - Penn State has some great departments, you could find a really good project right there.
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