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Finding and using the Point Spread Function via FFT in Labview

  1. May 3, 2012 #1

    My partners and I are building an NSOM microscope and it is mostly finished. Now we need to find the Point Spread Function.

    My questions is how do I find the PSF in labview and how do I use it to deblur in labview?

    What follows is some background on what I have attempted so far.

    I built a VI and tested it with the image, object and PSF provided at the top of the wikipedia page (see below). It made FFTs of the image and object then divided the image FFT with the object FFT. In other words it deconvolved the image by the object. I figure the result should look like the PSF provided. It does not it is totally black.
    Neither can I deconvolve the provided image by the provided PSF to get the provided object.

    I am new to all of this. I understand another approach is to do a gaussian fit to a surface of the image. Then I can deconvolve that with the image. I cannot understand how to do this as the resources assume too much prior knowledge.

    How do I deconvolve an FFT by a gaussian?! The websites discusses use of a "kernel" but I can find no explanation of what a kernel is. (I assume it has nothing to do with my operating system).

    A webs resource I consulted

    The source of my test images
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