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Finding articles

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    As a person who is really interested in chemistry and physics, I like to learn more about things that seem interesting to me. Internet has bee n a good source for me so far, but sometimes there are papers-articles I want to read, for example in http://pubs.acs.org/ or http://www.sciencedirect.com/ , I cant access to them because I have to buy them in order to read. Is there a way for me to read them without buying?
    Please note that I don't mean pirating those articles. I (kind of) know that the price is necessary if you want to have rights to (for example) copy the articles and distribute them to your students and so on. But I just want to read them only because I'm curious- and don't intend to make benefits from it. Maybe they are letting students to read articles.
    And one more thing, I'm new in the PF and while looking into the rules, I red that one should use those websites http://ip-science.thomsonreuters.com/mjl/ or http://arxiv.org/ for quoting certain articles. Can I read articles freely there?
    Thank you
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    Andy Resnick

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    Arxiv is a good place to start, and AFAIK, the articles there are all freely available to read. Another good repository is PubMed:


    many of the articles there are free as well (not all, tho).
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    Thank you
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    How far are you from a university library? If it carries the journals that you're interested in, you can go there in person and read them.
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