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Finding Aut(Aut(Aut(C_73)))

  1. Jan 22, 2015 #1
    Im calculating [itex]Aut(Aut(Aut(C_{73})))[/itex] and have got as far as [itex]Aut(Aut(Aut(C_{73})))\cong Aut(C_2\times C_2\times C_2) \times Aut(C_3)[/itex]
    I thought this was the answer but I have been told that [itex]Aut(C_2\times C_2\times C_2) \times Aut(C_3)\cong GL_3(\mathbb{F}_2)[/itex]
    Can someone explain this to me please.
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    From what I get, [itex]Aut(C_{73}) = U(73) = C_{72}[/itex]. [itex]Aut(C_{72}) = U(72) = U(2^3) × U(3^2) = C_2 × C_2 × C_2 × C_2 × C_3 [/itex] (since [itex]|U(3^2)| = phi(9) = 6[/itex] and only abelian group of order 6 is [itex]C_2 × C_3[/itex]. So I think you're missing a factor of [itex]C_2[/itex] in your second Aut( ) expression.
  5. Feb 6, 2015 #4
    Sorry I just realized that I made a mistake. [itex] U(2^3) = C_2 × C_2 [/itex] so your expression is actually correct. My apologies.
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