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Finding cache on my system

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    How do I locate how large my cache is on the system and what kind it is, whether it be associative, direct, two way, or four way?
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    download and run this program on your system, CPU-z

    here's an example of what it does
    http://www.cpuid.com/medias/images/en/softwares-cpuz.jpg [Broken]

    you can look up specific details on your processor once you know exactly what you have on your system.
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    That program will tell you about on-chip cache. I'm not sure it will be able to tell about off-processor cache (typically L2). System board manufacturers and system integrators are often cagey about it, since the average purchaser hasn't a clue, and since the details can provide performance advantages over competitors.

    So it isn't always easy to find out EXACTLY what's in there, or how its supported in peripheral hardware.
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