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Homework Help: Finding current in circuit

  1. Sep 2, 2013 #1
    I think the book is wrong.

    Why is the current (which they denote IL) equal to Vs/(Req)

    Where Vs = 458.3kV and Req is the equivalent resistance of the circuit equal to the sum of the two resistors in series ( Req = 220 + 20 = 240).

    In there equation they left out the the resistor of 20 ohmes

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    No, the book answer is correct. They are finding the current in Rload by knowing Iload = Vload/Rload.
    Now that you know the current, you can find the voltage drop across the 20 okm line resistance. Then you can find the source voltage.
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    Why is the current different through each resistor?
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    It's not. That's what barryj is saying. They are the same. But the voltage drop is only measured against the load resistance. You can use that to find the source voltage.
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