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Homework Help: Finding current in electromagnetic field

  1. Feb 18, 2010 #1
    A powerful electromagnet has a filed of 1.6 T and a cross-sectional area of .20 m^2. if we place a coil having 200 turns and a total resistance of 20 ohms around the eclectromagnet and then turn off the power to the electromagnet in 20ms, what is the current induced in the wire?

    R = 20
    N = 200 turns
    A = .20 m^2
    t= 20 ms
    T = 1.6

    THe problem i am having is figuring out which equations to use, i am assuming that im going to have to arrange and rearagne equations but i have NO clue where to start or what equations to use in order to find current (I)
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