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Homework Help: Finding distance/speed/etc.

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    1. julios truck drives north for 20 minutes at 65mph, west for 15 minutes at 50mph, and a final 5 minutes north at 30mph before it breaks down a) what is the total didtance he travled b)what is the magnitude and direction of his displacement c)what was his average speed in mi/h d) when the engine stopped his car skidded decelerating at a constant rate until it came to a complete stop 10 seconds later. how much farther did it travel after losing power?

    2.i dont know

    3. i dont know
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    What do you know then, please tell me...

    If you have no idea, please read your some pages in your textbook

    We always like helping people who show a little effort.

    a) what do you know about distance traveled, speed and time?

    b) what's the difference between distance and displacement?

    c) how do you find average speed when you know displacement and time?

    d) You know the speed at the moment the engine breaks down, this will be initial velocity in the "skidding movement", what is the car's speed when it is stopped (the same as you have when sitting in front of the TV), you have the time. First use a certain formula involving the three known and acceleration, then find displacement here by another formula, displacement given by the four variables you know have.

    If you're willing to show that you want to do this yourselves, I'll be glad to help you along.

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